Superpowers of a Migraineur

When I think of all the things that migraine has taken from me over the years it’s easy to feel defeated. I’ve lost countless minutes of family time that I’ll never get back. I’ve missed deadlines at work, or just made them by the grace of God. I opted to stay in rather than go out and be social for fear that I would wind up having to cancel plans with friends.

My circle of friends has grown smaller and smaller, and my family has become as frustrated with migraine disease as I have grown to be. I know the picture I’ve painted thus far seems bleak and downhearted, but it has led me to really see what I’ve got inside me. I think of what all migraineurs have in common, and what powers drive us onward each day.

People with migraine are resilient

In a word, I think we are resilient. We are faced with all life throws at us every day and we manage to survive despite all that we deal with having migraine attacks. Each day presents us with new challenges. Maybe it’s a visit with our doctor or finding a new doctor. It could be a lunch date with an old friend or even a trip to the market for provisions. Some days it’s just getting out of bed. The fact is we get it done. We battle against migraine and move forward with our lives. I think we should commend ourselves and allow us to enjoy a daily win like going to the grocery store! We are resilient people. We are survivors each and every day. That is saying something for sure.

Standing strong with migraine pain

As migraineurs we know suffering. We know pain. Many of us cherish the days when this duo gives us a reprieve, but nonetheless, we move forward. I believe we have superhuman tolerance to pain. Anyone who has suffered through a multi-day long migraine spell is a champion over the pain. We have to be. Sure others depend on us even though we suffer with migraines, but I think each day we push onward we show our strength. Migraineurs suffer without sympathy or empathy many times, but that doesn’t keep us down. We stand strong when we feel defeated. If that isn’t a superpower I think it should be. We are learning how to stand together and how to be strong by supporting each other.

Migraine has given me superpowers to survive

We possess unique abilities because of migraine. Migraine makes us stronger, more compassionate, forgiving, and empathetic. We are special people forged by a silent disease that is for the most part not taken seriously by many people. Migraineurs are, in my opinion, optimists. We hold hope in high esteem. We perpetuate this hope and optimism each day. I have found a way of looking at what migraine has given me. I’m not a lesser or broken person because I have this disease. It does not define who I am, but it has shown me what I have deep down inside. It has given me the superpowers to survive day after day with attacks, and to spread hope and joy despite having this insidious disease.

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