Personalized Migraine Information

With 40 million people in the United States living with migraine, it is important to be able to navigate this disease on a personal level as life with migraine can look different from person to person.

For personalized migraine information, answering four short questions in the Migraine Explorer will suggest articles that are tailored for you, and will help guide you to information and sources of support while you manage your migraine.

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Dr. D

Dr. D’s Headache Relief Shampoo is not an ordinary cosmetics company. Dr.D has suffered from migraine headaches throughout the majority of his life and personally knows the struggles of dealing with painful headaches. This drove him to discover the advantages of shampoo based headache relief. This one of a kind product is able to take care of minor to moderate headaches with ease because it was researched and tested by great medical minds. Stay tuned to our blog for more information based articles involving Dr.D and all of the discoveries and products available.