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“By My First Year of University, the Migraine was Constant”

Emily W. Age 20, Toronto, Ontario, CAN Most Predictable Trigger: Rainy, damp weather Weirdest Migraine Symptom: Brain fog Best Migraine Friend: Ice packs— I go to bed every night with one on my head. Most Amusing Pain Distraction: Watching stand up comedy Favorite Migraine Book: The essay “On Being Ill” by Virginia Woolf. Recently I’ve really […]

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People with Migraine Really are Affected by the Weather

Spring, summer, winter, fall: do you have a Migraine season? Do spring storms bring you to your knees in pain? Are hot, humid days your arch-nemesis? Do you religiously check the forecast, trying to predict your likelihood of calling out sick? For many people with Migraine, the weather impacts much more than what we’re going […]