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Swap Out Smelly Cleaning Products that Aggravate Migraines

Household chores are unpleasant enough without smelly cleaning products triggering a Migraine attack Like cinnamon-scented-everything in December, cleaning is an unavoidable evil. For many of us with Migraine, cleaning is elevated from a dull chore to a costly disaster when smelly cleaning products trigger an attack. Cleaning products are among one of the most commonly […]

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8 Fun Experiences That Can (Surprise!) Trigger A Migraine

[Updated July 2018] Roller coasters, 3D movies, concerts … Sometimes, what we intend to be fun only offers a short-lived thrill.  Sometimes, activities that are supposed to be fun can actually trigger a migraine. Aside from the Migraine 101 basics on managing this condition, I always remind people: “don’t forget to have fun.”  Fun is such a great […]
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When Light Triggers Migraine, Quality of Life is Affected

An estimated 90% of people with Migraine also experience light sensitivity or photophobia. Because it is so common and so debilitating, it is is crucial that both doctors and patients have a well-rounded understanding of light sensitivity. A report by TheraSpecs® surveyed more than 290 people with Migraine and offers insight into the impact of […]

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People with Migraine Really are Affected by the Weather

Spring, summer, winter, fall: do you have a Migraine season? Do spring storms bring you to your knees in pain? Are hot, humid days your arch-nemesis? Do you religiously check the forecast, trying to predict your likelihood of calling out sick? For many people with Migraine, the weather impacts much more than what we’re going […]