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How to Know if You Have Migraine with Aura [Updated]

Medical Review by Headache Specialist Dr. Zubair Ahmed Ever experience strange smells that others don’t detect? Symptoms of an aura aren’t always bizarre visual experiences reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting or an LSD trip. It’s essential you know which of the 7 Types of Migraine you have by getting an accurate diagnosis. Effective treatment depends […]

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When Light Triggers Migraine, Quality of Life is Affected

An estimated 90% of people with Migraine also experience light sensitivity or photophobia. Because it is so common and so debilitating, it is is crucial that both doctors and patients have a well-rounded understanding of light sensitivity. A report by TheraSpecs® surveyed more than 290 people with Migraine and offers insight into the impact of […]

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35 Eye-Opening Migraine Facts You Need to Know

Everything you Need to Know About Migraine Medical Review by Headache Specialist Dr. Katherine Hamilton Men, women, and kids worldwide know the Migraine struggle is real! Migraine disease is incredibly common and incredibly misunderstood. The struggle for information and understanding can be nearly as tough as Migraine itself. We understand how overwhelming it can be […]