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Join us for our “Ask the Advocates” Facebook Live Event!

Do you have burning or unanswered questions about migraine? If so, please join us for our very first exclusive Facebook Live “Ask The Advocates” event for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month! Our advocates, Katie Golden, Alene Brennan & Nancy Bonk will be joining us live to answer the questions you have always wanted to ask! […]

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Essential Oils Bracelet for People with Migraine

Essential oils are, well an “essential” part of how I manage my health including migraines. I find peppermint and lavender to be effective in eliminating headaches and reducing the intensity of migraines. So… when I discovered super cute bracelets that you could apply essential oils to, I was all in! I have two leather bracelets […]


Pacific Medical Center

Check out the newest article from Pacific Medical Training – The Nervous System The human brain is remarkable. In comparison to other animals, the brain is seven times bigger than it should be for the size of the body. During evolution, it enlarged in a rather short amount of time allowing humans to surpass other […]


Migraine Relief Shampoo

Understanding what Migraine pain relief method works best for each individual migraine sufferer is an important part of overcoming the fear of migraine pain. The fear of migraine pain can debilitate any person because they will develop fears of possible triggers, dietary requirements, and even fear of light. The fear of migraine pain is so […]


Pain Relief Shampoo

Pain Relief Shampoo is a brand new product released by Dr.D to help relieve the pain associated with headaches and general head pain. This revolutionary product helps relieve pain with targeted medication aimed directly at the source of the pain. Don’t mistake Pain Relief Shampoo with Stress Relief Shampoo or similar herbal solutions. Dr.D’s Headache […]


Migraine Relief

After suffering a Migraine of any degree, relief from lingering symptoms is salvation. Getting back to normal is the desire of any migraine sufferer, and immediate relief is necessary in certain circumstances(important work,family emergencies,important functions). Unfortunately, immediately relieving all Migraines is simply not possible with current medical technology. There is hope for some sufferers in […]