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Living With Migraine: An Interview with Lisa Benson

I recently had the honor of speaking to Lisa Benson for the Health Union podcast, Living With. Lisa is passionate about raising awareness of migraine, and she shares her experiences of diagnosis, how her experience of migraine has shifted over her life, and how she copes with migraine as a new mom. Living With podcast […]

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Tell Us About Your Childhood

This June, for migraine awareness month, we want to know when your awareness of migraine came about! Being undiagnosed with migraine for years In our 2018 Migraine in America survey, we found that 56% of respondents experienced symptoms of migraine before they turned 18, but only 26% were diagnosed before adulthood. Lisa talks about her […]

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Bob Wold’s Journey to a Cluster Headache Diagnosis

It is an exciting time in the migraine and headache disease world of treatment research. In addition to CGRPs being approved for the prevention of migraine in 2017, one of these CGRP drugs, Emgality, was recently approved in the US for decreasing the frequency of episodic cluster attacks. In the midst of these recent medical […]