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Is This What Wellness Feels Like?

Dear Loved One, I think I told you that I’ve been trying the new drugs made for migraine. They’re called CGRPs. Researchers have basically discovered that people with migraine produce more of a certain type of protein than other people and these drugs block that protein. Three different drug companies came out all that once with […]

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CGRPs – Navigating Wellness for the First Time in Years

Many in our community who are experimenting with the new CGRP therapies are experiencing a sense of wellness for the first time in years. With the emergence of freedom from pain comes a rush of new thoughts and conflicting feelings. Can we trust this? In a desperate search for relief, most of us have tried multiple […]

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Medication Assistance Programs & Barriers to Treatment

People living with migraine often bear a financial burden and can be routinely denied when trying to access treatments, especially the most recently approved class of drugs, CGRPs. I connected with Lindsay Videnieks, the Executive Director of the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum (HMPF) in order to get some answers on what people in the […]