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Swap Out Smelly Cleaning Products that Aggravate Migraines

Household chores are unpleasant enough without smelly cleaning products triggering a Migraine attack Like cinnamon-scented-everything in December, cleaning is an unavoidable evil. For many of us with Migraine, cleaning is elevated from a dull chore to a costly disaster when smelly cleaning products trigger an attack. Cleaning products are among one of the most commonly […]

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12 Ways to Win Your Battle with Chronic Migraine

Updated June 29, 2018 One of the labels patients with Chronic Migraines identify with and simultaneously dislike is “sufferer.” It implies that our pain will never end. Some days you just feel like crap. What can you do when the unending pain from Chronic Migraine gets you down – really down? Make a choice: do you want […]