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Neck and Back Pain with Migraine: How Do You Deal With The Pain?

The pitch black except for sprinkles of white light from stars and the moon coming gently through my window make for a very soft and serene night scene—one of the more beautiful gifts leftover from winter is that night still begins early—and at this point I’ve been laying in bed through the night waiting for […]

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Living With Migraine: An Interview with Lisa Benson

I recently had the honor of speaking to Lisa Benson for the Health Union podcast, Living With. Lisa is passionate about raising awareness of migraine, and she shares her experiences of diagnosis, how her experience of migraine has shifted over her life, and how she copes with migraine as a new mom. Living With podcast […]

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Medication Assistance Programs & Barriers to Treatment

People living with migraine often bear a financial burden and can be routinely denied when trying to access treatments, especially the most recently approved class of drugs, CGRPs. I connected with Lindsay Videnieks, the Executive Director of the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum (HMPF) in order to get some answers on what people in the […]